Serena impresses Dean Berube which can be considering an invite to a beneficial individual lobby during the their home

Inside The fresh new Refuge Is also Waiting, Serena, aggravated on Blair immediately after she tore toward Serena pursuing the trend let you know, chooses to sit in an interview at Yale College or university, in which Blair have usually dreamed of attending. Surprised in the watching Serena on college or university, Blair affect spoils the woman interview but is able to bribe the woman way with the group. Shortly after a game title moved wrong, Blair and you will Serena end their friendship and region ways. The next day, they make up after realizing they need one another.

For the the termination of the year, Serena initiate a love with Gabriel Edwards (Seder Some thing), men who seemingly left his girlfriend, Serena’s pal Poppy, on her

Serena begins a love with Aaron Rose, a musician and Blair’s coming action-aunt inside the Pret-a-Poor-J. She allows their offer to travel to Argentina with him however, they breakup in the near future on the journey shortly after Serena finds out she continues to have attitude to own Dan (O Sis, Where Bart Thou?).

Immediately after she yields away from Argentina, Serena and you can Dan get together again (On Arena of the fresh new Basses). After, they find their mothers, Lily and you will Rufus, got a child with her who was simply quit to own use in advance of possibly ones was given birth to, (Went into Will) which causes pressure among them because the Dan realized to possess some time in place of telling the girl. At the same time, Dan befriends Serena’s Shakespeare professor, Rachel Carr, and you can Serena actually starts to suspect the 2 are experiencing an event. Just after seeing him or her hug within a food alone, Serena says to Blair, just who tells Headmistress Queller plus the mother committee. If this is out in the great outdoors, Serena and you may Dan breakup, recognizing they cannot overcome the newest latest issues between the two (Carrnal Degree).

Immediately after bringing Lily in addition to their Higher Eastern Side family members to blow into the Gabriel’s company one allegedly will bring the web so you can under-developed regions (Southern Gentlemen Like Blondes), Serena knows that each other he and you will Poppy is actually scamming them. She, in addition to Blair, Nate, and you can Chuck in addition to newly produced-once more Religious Georgina hatch a plan to catch them. But not, the master plan neglects whenever Lily possess Serena arrested having maybe not letting their handle the problem as opposed to revenge. Although not, Gabriel and you will Poppy avoid (The fresh Wrath off Scam).

On final episode of the year, The new So long Rumors Lady, Rumors Girl directs a-blast from inside the Constance/St. Jude graduation commencement service, denouncing Serena because unimportant. Serena, aggravated and damage one to Hearsay Lady provides wrecked your day, vows to ascertain which she in fact is. Yet not, the lady bundle fizzles out and tend to be not able to look for GG’s name. After brand new event, Carter Baizen, an old friend, says to Serena he has discovered the newest whereabouts out of her father, William van der Woodsen. Serena chooses to match Carter to generally meet your prior to she makes to go to Brown College or university regarding slip.

Seasons Around three

At the beginning of the season during the summer, Serena is in search of their father in fact it is inside a tricky connection with Carter (Reversals from Luck). Shortly after to the town, Serena cannot select if or not she wants to get off to have Brown University, and you will stays that have Chuck when you are she attempts to figure it out. She conflicts having Chuck while they remain with her and he says to Rufus that she don’t exit having school. Thinking the guy did this to locate the woman in big trouble, she attracts Carter to assist ruin Chuck’s new clients package, that they doing in addition they beginning to casually date (The newest Freshmen). Serena fundamentally chooses to delayed Brown, hence Lily does not grab be sure to to help you. To show she produced the best choice, she requires employment because an assistant to publicist K.C. (Dan de- Fleurette). At the same time, Chuck are suspicious regarding Carter along with the assistance of Nate’s the partner, Bree Buckley, he discovers one to Carter given up this lady relative, Beth Buckley, at altar just after proposing so you can their to discover the Buckleys to pay off his betting expense. He provides Carter an ultimatum: he both tells Serena what happened with Beth themselves or he may take a prepaid teach citation and leave Nydelig Koreansk -dame forever. During the Lily and you will Rufus’ relationships, Carter tells Serena the case and converts themselves in to Beth’s brothers, who intend to generate Carter work from his personal debt with the an enthusiastic petroleum rig when you look at the Colorado (Rufus Getting married). Immediately following Serena discovers in which he could be oriented, she and you will Nate team up to store your. It sit in a web based poker games held by PJ Buckley, exactly who Serena convinces to play to possess Carter’s debt in exchange for their giving an image out-of Nate’s cousin, Tripp van der Bilt, from the his bachelor team holding an effective bong. When they remove the game, Serena overhears a conversation between Nate and his dad, William van der Bilt, in which she finds out it structured for her to lose every collectively and you will secret the fresh new Buckleys with the initiating a great doctored pictures out-of Tripp to help you hurt the profile. She says to PJ about the package, as well as in get back he sales Carter’s discharge. But not, Carter are disappointed with this and you may acknowledges the guy wished to go so you’re able to Texas so you’re able to discipline himself for just what the guy performed in order to Beth in order to show that he’s a much better guy to help you Serena. The guy holidays up with the woman and you will leaves the woman heartbroken (Adequate On the Eve).